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Why Soldiers Love the A-10

There are Some Fates Worse than Death

A-10 Intense CAS Afghanistan

'HAWG' Exploits of A-10 Sqdn in Afghanistan

Expensive Fighters and the A-10 

Pierre Sprey on A-10 Development

A-10s daring Afghanistan Attack

A-10 stops Ambush in Afghanistan

SMSgt Gutierrez Air Force Cross with A-10

A-10 CAS for troops in Afghanistan

A-10s Operation Desert Storm

A-10s as a Decoy Arsenal Ship

A-10 supporting 3ID Bagdhad 2003

Senator McCain "General, please don't insult my intelligence"

Senator Ayotte on A-10 at 3:45

Gen Odierno Endorsement "A-10 is a game changer"

Senator Ayotte on A-10 at 2:00

TACP Association Endorsement of A-10s over other fighters

Representative McSally on A-10 vs F-35 capabilities and flyoff requirement

Senator Kelly: keeping A-10 fleet in its entirety is critical to National Security

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