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Arizona Daily Independent

USAF Must Return to the Principles of War

by Brian Boeding

The United States Air Force (USAF) is attempting to completely overhaul the force structure with near-zero regard for the principles of war.


Project on Government Oversight

Documents Show Air Force Leaders Shirking Their Close Air Support Responsibilities

by Dan Grazier

Documents recently obtained by the Project on Government Oversight cast serious doubt on the Air Force's commitment to supporting ground troops.


Arizona Daily Independent

A-10 Warthog Close Air Support Wins Wars and Saves Lives

by CW5 (Retired) Ken Jones

From my perspective as a retired Army attack helicopter aviator, we owe it to the ground soldiers, those on the front lines, to keep the A-10 Warthog close air support (CAS) airplane in service until a replacement of equal or better capability can be fielded.


The National Interest

Ground Troops Overwhelmingly Prefer the A-10 Over the F-35 or Anything Else

by Brian Boeding

When American troops lay their lives on the line in combat, they expect that their country will give them the best available support and protection. 

troops (2).jpg

Army Expects Fierce, Close Combat in Next War Despite Advanced Tech

by Steve Beynon

While the Army recovers from decades of fighting guerrilla forces in the Middle East, leaders are setting their eyes on the wars of tomorrow.

ANG A-10 and JTACs_edited.jpg

War is Boring

Cutting the A-10 Attack Jet Will Get Americans Killed

by Lt Col William E. Smith Jr, Ret

Even top Air Force officials have said that “getting rid of the A-10 could lead to higher deaths, longer battles and even defeat on the battlefield.”

jtac and a-10.jpg

Defense One

Four Lessons that Should Upend the Pentagon's Five-Year Strategy

by John Ferrari

From the quick consumption of weapons in Ukraine to rising inflation, the current resourcing plan is untenable.

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